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  • What is Scores-Master? Scores-Master is a new mobile app from BMA Enterprises, Inc. and is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android.

    It's a fun and easy way to record and share scores with friends and family.

    It's great for high school, club, or other sporting activities.
  • How does Scores-Master work? Spectators at each game log the action for that game. The information is then available to anyone viewing that game, you can view as many games as you'd like.

    While only logging the score at the game your attending.

  • How do I select/create a game?

    To select a game you first select the "Select Games" button on the home screen.

    You will then change the filters to the "Sport" you'd like, the "State" and "City" you are in and then the date you'd like to view/log for.

    To select the game, all you will do is click on the game, you will see a checkmark on the right of the game.

    If you don't see the game you were looking for all you have to do is hit the "Create New Game" button at the bottom right. Then it will appear in your list.

  • How do I log a game?

    After you have selected your game from the game's list, you will enter into the "View Scores" screen. At this point you will see all of the games you are following.

    If you'd like to log the information for the game you are at, you will just tap the game. You will then be asked if you are sure you'd like to log the game.

    After you begin logging a game you will see an "Update Scoreboard" button. You click that and you will be able to update Game Time, Game Period, Game Score, Ball Possession.

    After you have made all of the nessecary changes you will select "Update Score" and everyone viewing that game will get the updates on their scoreboard.

  • How do I remove/delete a game from the game's list?

    To remove a game from your viewing screen, you will go back into the "Select Games" button, set your appropriate filters, and click "Get Games".

    At the top you should see the game you are following with a checkmark next to it, all you have to do is tap it to deselect the game, and then click "Save Game List" and it will be removed from your viewing screen.